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About Us

Vision on Mission is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that has been in existence since 1995 and was incorporated on the 17th August, 2001 under the Trinidad & Tobago Companies (1995) Act. Vision on Mission is non-denominational with responsibility for the reintegration and rehabilitation of deportees/returning nationals, prisoners, ex-prisoners, delinquent youth and socially displaced persons.

The aim of the organization is to promote and support restorative justice – a philosophy that the Trinidad & Tobago Prison and Criminal Justice System has adopted as a policy; to provide transitional housing, employment opportunities, rental facilities, training and re-training opportunities, banking opportunities – such as with money management opportunities and assistance with the acquiring government grants and loans; credible reference, referrals, recommendations and legal & civil representation for its clients; to prepare inmates while incarcerated, through the pre-release programme of the Trinidad & Tobago Prison System and the use of modules, workshops, counseling, mediation and professionals.

Vision Statement

To be the principal provider of rehabilitation, reintegration and resettlement services for prisoners, ex-offenders, deportees, delinquent youth and socially displaced persons. To be the cornerstone from which lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit of The Almighty God.

Mission Statement

To reach out to every prisoner, ex-offender, deportee, delinquent youth and socially displaced person, irrespective of race or religion, going beyond the offence, reaching out to the offender, to restore a positive, productive, law-abiding citizen to the communities and by extension, the nation and the world at large.


Vision on Mission adheres to the Restorative Justice Philosophy

Restorative Justice is not a specific programme but rather a way of practicing justice that embraces various Restorative Initiatives. A Restorative Justice System sees crime as an abuse of people and relationships. It creates a duty to make things right and involves the victim, offender and community in search of ways to promote healing, understanding and support. Restorative Justice is not a blue-print, programme, or mediation, but is primarily about forgiveness and reconciliation, designed to reduce recidivism, not necessarily a replacement for prison. Restorative Justice seeks to make offenders take responsibility for their actions and to make amends.

Key Services Provided for Inmates

Vision on Mission assists between seven and eight hundred (700-800) inmates yearly.

Twelve-Month Pre-Release Programmes:

  • Modules in Anger Management, Relationship Dynamics, Money Management, Risk and Needs Assessments, Psychiatric and Psychological Services, Group Sessions, Substance Abuse Programme, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Critical Thinking; also Financial Support for religious, cultural and sporting activities annually.

At these institutions-:

  • Golden Grove Prison (GGP)
  • Port of Spain Prison (POSP)
  • Maximum Security Prison (MSP)
  • Eastern Correctional Rehabilitation Centre (ECRC)
  • Golden Grove Women's Prison (GGWP)
  • Carrera Convict Prison (CCP)
  • Tobago Prison (TP)

Key Services Provided for Ex-Offenders

  • Transitional Housing Programme (3-24 months)
  • Food, Clothing, Tools
  • Government and Private Sector Training Programmes
  • Employment Opportunities and Financial Assistance Programme
  • A Special Money Management Programme via First Citizen’s Bank
  • Result-oriented referral
  • Free Legal Advice
  • Assistance with Identification Documents (T&T)
  • Individual and Group Counseling, Mediation/Reconciliation Services
  • Loan-Assistance Programme with Fund-Aid
  • Apartment Rental Assistance Programme
  • etc.


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© Vision on Mission

#5, Railway Road, San Juan. Trinidad, W.I. (868) 638-8650;  (868) 675-4810