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Support Programmes

Community Correctional Industry Initiative

Vision on Mission’s proposed site for an additional In-Transit Centre, at Chickland, Freeport comprises of two and a half (2.5) acres of agricultural land. Vision on Mission proposes that this land be fully utilized by cultivating both short and long term crops…

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Prison Resettlement Programme

Vision on Missions’ resettlement programme seeks to provide the following to individuals exiting the prison system

  • Relocation from a community/district of high risk to one in which the risk is minimal
  • Accommodation for those who have no homes to return to (e.g. renting or family migrated e.t.c.)
  • Food, clothing, job placement and a traveling allowance for three to six months
  • Assistance in the location of low income housing
  • Assisting in the re-instatement of individuals in their prior jobs if possible

Participation in this programme is usually short-term 3 – 6 months due to the nature of this particular prison/station…
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After Care Programme

At the In-Transit Centre facility, programes will be conducted to determine:

  • the risk factor of each client, in terms of their readiness to work, the level of stress/anger management needed e.t.c.

Professional facilitators will be invited to have sessions with the residents, as well as Vision on Missions’ Social Work Division will be responsible for implementing the following training programmes: …
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Community Outreach Programmes

Vision on Mission is fully ingrained in the communities of Trinidad & Tobago. The young people in these communities are familiar with the organization and feel comfortable speaking to its’ representatives. Due to this connection Vision on Mission was offered the opportunity to conduct youth intervention programmes, which fits in with our youth delinquency programme…
LINK DOESN’T WORK Download Details (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the case studies)


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