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International Affiliations

Professional Affiliations
VOM has relationships with the United Nations, Partners of America, The Association of Caribbean Heads of Corrections and Prison Services, The International Association of Correctional Forensic Psychology, American Society for Quality, Old Dominion University, The University of the West Indies, University of Trinidad and Tobago,  and others which facilitates the research studies, quality evaluations and audits, tracer studies and other learning and evaluation  opportunities such as the study abroad programmes, research internships and assistantships, service learning, and more. VOM continues to develop relationships that facilitate expanded capacity to effectively monitor and evaluate effectiveness of its programmes in terms of outputs, outcomes and impacts.

The Programme Coordinator, Clinical Director and Executive President may provide follow-up support and services to its clients for up to one year. This follow-up support is provided by the Job Coach and the support of other agencies. The aftercare component of this program involves following clients back to their communities and tracking the connections they make with families and counsellors. This service may vary and done using a sampling approach based on risk and other factors. VOM will open its door to any client who wants to return, although not indefinitely. However, a key to all follow up, is the recognition that it is up to the client to maintain the relationship with VOM. Relationships and partnerships with other agencies such as probation, police, and prisons are required to assure seamlessness in the approach and delivery of effective follow up and monitoring after completing the programme. 

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