VOM volunteer program

Get the opportunity to volunteer your time in community-based projects throughout Trinidad and Tobago

through the VISION ON MISSION Volunteer Programme

Volunteer Program Launch

Many persons being released from prison or those that are socially displaced, face many challenges in regaining a normal life within society.

Some may lack food, accommodation, clothing, skills training, endure unemployment, or face other stigmas as a result of their circumstance.

Vision On Mission has been working tirelessly to provide rehabilitation and reintegration services to this sector for over two decades.

VOM community volunteer work
Volunteer Program Launch

A volunteer’s contribution of their time, energy, and unique skills in support of this most important work demonstrates their involved commitment to effecting positive changes in the lives of these individuals, and in turn, creating safer communities through the reduction of reoffending and recidivism.

Why become a Volunteer at Vision On Mission?

By actively engaging in the mission of social development and restorative justice, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of each prisoner, ex-offender, deportee, delinquent youth, and socially displaced person, while effecting change in your communities through the promotion of right living.

You will also have the opportunity to gain, develop and enhance your skills within your area of interest, as you serve your community and collaborate with Vision On Mission in its continued efforts to reduce crime across the region.

Volunteering Opportunities

Vision On Mission volunteers are given the opportunity to receive practical work experience with our clientele (ex-offenders, deportees, delinquent youth, victims/perpetrators of domestic violence and the families of these groups.

The projects and programs in which volunteers can contribute their professional services and utilize their skills, knowledge, time, and energy, are diverse and caters to varied interests. These include but are not limited to:

VOM Triangle of Hope program

Triangle of Hope Project

This project is designed to support the dynamic needs of the families and children of the incarcerated men and women in an effort to break the intergenerational cycle of crime and incarceration within this group.

The Truth Project

From Domestic Violence to NO Violence

A project focused on educating and training low-risk domestic violence perpetrators in Moral Reconation Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Moral Education with an aim of creating civility in relationships and peace & lawfullness between men and women.

Substance Abuse Program

Providing substance abuse and addiction support groups to VOM clients engaged in these habits through psychological and therapeutic interventions.

Listen to what VISION ON MISSION Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Giselle Chance has to say about the Volunteer Programme 

To become a volunteer TODAY and take part in the mission of reducing recidivism amongst ex-offenders and contributing your efforts towards crime reduction in our society, complete and submit your volunteer application for consideration.

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Note: Selected volunteers of some projects and activities will be provided with a small stipend for their service.

Donate To The Reduction In Recidivism And Creating Safer Communities

Each donation goes towards the operations of the varied programmes and services provided to VOM's clients.