EU partners with Vision On Mission to lend support to ex-offenders

The EU supports social reintegration and human rights projects as part of their mandate.

Vision On Mission’s Prisoner Preparation for release and Resettlement Programme is expected to result in a reduction of recidivism rates among ex-offenders, something that we all look forward to. Indeed, this programme is not only necessary and welcome, but should be duplicated throughout the country.

The work entailed in the preparation for release and resettlement programme is a costly undertaking and it is clear that it is not only a human rights issue, but a public safety measure. The European Union Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago has provided grant funding to Vision On Mission, to expand its existing resettlement programme.

Vision On Mission (VOM) was selected based on its existing work with ex-offenders and returned citizens in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service/Ministry of National Security.

The two year project is expected to expand the organisation’s existing programme.

The activities will include:

  1. Increasing the capacity of VOM staff to enhance the organisation’s provision of resettlement and rehabilitation services to its clients;
  2. Providing training to ex-offenders in food and agro processing;
  3. Establishment of an Outreach Centre in San Fernando, thus allowing for increase client access to services provided by VOM;
  4. Facilitating employment opportunities of ex-offenders, through the establishment of small business and job market readiness.

Vision On Mission thanks the European Union for its decision to partner with them for such an important programme and is very pleased to be a recipient of the grant. As outlined above, this initiative focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration, training for ex-offenders, creating employment opportunities and the establishment of an Outreach Centre in San Fernando.

The initiatives were determined by the research conducted by VOM based on a needs assessment. And so, the grant received from the EU will play a critical role for VOM to deliver and achieve its own goals and objectives with and for its clients.

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