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Many persons being released from prison and are socially displaced face numerous challenges in regaining a normal life within society. Some may lack food, accommodation, clothing, skills training, endure unemployment, or face other stigmas due to their circumstance.

Vision On Mission has been working tirelessly to provide rehabilitation and reintegration services to this sector for over two decades.

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Vision On Mission employees bring the COMMITMENT, PASSION, VALUE, and INNOVATION that’s required to make a difference and see tangible change in the lives of the men and women we serve who are offenders, ex-offenders, deportees, the socially displaced, and delinquent youths.




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Your contribution to VOM goes directly to the organization’s efforts in assisting ex-offenders, prisoners, deportees, the socially displaced and delinquent youth, to successfully reintegrate into society as a productive, responsible and contributing member of the community. Your contribution will assist the organization in providing both counselling and rehabilitation services during and after incarceration to facilitate resettlement in their communities.

You can now follow Vision On Mission on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow this dynamic NGO as it continues to grow and change the lives of its clients who enter the Reintegration programme at VOM. Be present at the live events and activities that are often made visible on social media of the organization’s various events and even hear directly from the clients who are and have been in a Vision On Mission programme.




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Each donation goes towards the operations of the varied programmes and services provided to VOM’s clients.