In Memory of Wayne Chance

Remembering Wayne Chance

Wayne Brian Chance was the Founder and now post-humously President Emeritus, of Vision On Mission, which he founded in 1995 within the Port-of-Spain prison during his incarceration. Hailing from the community of Arima, Trinidad, W.I., Mr. Chance was incarcerated at the tender age of nineteen where he drew upon his strong spiritual beliefs, coupled with deep introspection, which acted as the catalyst for his overall transformation. This transformation and his recognition of the steadily increasing population of young men within the prison system, resulted in the emergence of an organization that would assist ex-inmates on their release to re-enter society successfully. It is an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders, deportees, delinquent youths and the socially displaced into society.
Mr. Wayne Chance was a pioneer, activist and vanguard in the field of charitable work in Trinidad and Tobago and the region at large. Prior to the formation of Vision on Mission, there was no organization in Trinidad & Tobago, or the wider Caribbean that provided extensive services in the area of community corrections.
Other Achievements: Wayne Chance was also known as an entrepreneur in establishing his own bake and shark small business, a radio talk show host (on the local radio station, I95.5fm), as well as a motivational/ inspirational speaker. He also obtained his first degree in Business Administration from the Anglia Ruskin University in 2018.
Notable Awards: Throughout the course of his life, Wayne Chance received several individual awards including the Hummingbird Medal Silver in 2010 for his work in the sphere of community service. His tireless work, through Vision on Mission, also allowed the organization to receive and share the title of the Express Community Group of the Year award in 2016.

Wayne Chance’s Legacy Lives On

Upon his passing on November 24th, 2019, Giselle Chance, the widow of Mr. Wayne Chance was appointed as CEO of Vision On Mission. A new board of directors was also appointed along with a new Chairman, former Commissioner of Prisons, Mr. Gerard Wilson. The organization continues to strive to preserve and expand on Mr. Chance’s legacy of service to the national community. Some key accomplishments that Vision on Mission has achieved in a year since his passing are as follows:

The opening of the Wallerfield Rehabilitation and Reintegration Estate in March 2020 which can house a maximum of sixty-five clients.
 The relocation of its Administrative Head Office from #5 Railway Road, San Juan to #10 Austin Street, St. Augustine.
 The expansion of its skills development and training programmes, specifically in the areas of agriculture and barbering.
 Advocacy and Online Community Outreach: Through the revamp of its weekly radio programme titled, “Project Hope” on I95.5fm.
 Building Vision On Mission’s capacity to streamline and effectively deliver its services to its clients via the recruitment of qualified staff, including a psychologist.

 The strengthening of relationships with key industry stakeholders such as The Ministry of National Security, through the provision of support services to deportees returning to Trinidad and Tobago in the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service.
 The Development of a Strategic Plan for the period 2020-2023.

In Honour of Wayne Brian Chance

In honor and memory of the life and work of the late Mr. Wayne Chance, Vision on Mission will launch the following initiatives in 2021:

 The hosting of a National Award Ceremony bi-annually to recognize, (i) ex-inmates or deportees who have transformed their lives and are making positive contributions to society; (ii) corporate entities that make contributions in the field of community corrections, restorative justice and crime reduction; (iii) staff of Vision On Mission, (iv) officers within the Prison Service.
 The Development of a Bursary/Scholarship Fund – For the children of incarcerated inmates under the Vision On Mission’s Triangle of Hope Programme.
 The re-naming of Vision On Mission’s primary Rehabilitation and Reintegration Centre, after the late Mr. Wayne Chance.

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