Our History

Vision on Mission is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been in existence since 1995 and was incorporated on the 17th August, 2001 under the Trinidad & Tobago Companies (1995) Act. Vision on Mission is non-denominational with responsibility for the reintegration and rehabilitation of prisoners, ex-offenders, deportees/returning nationals, delinquent youths, and socially displaced persons.
The aim of the organization is to promote and support restorative justice – a philosophy that the Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service and Criminal Justice System has adopted as a policy; to provide transitional housing, training and re-training opportunities, employment opportunities, reduced-rate rental facilities, banking opportunities – such as with our money management programme, and assistance in acquiring government grants and loans. The organization also assists in providing credible references, referrals, recommendations, and legal & civil representation for its clients. We prepare inmates while incarcerated, through the pre-release programme of the Trinidad & Tobago Prison System which consists of the use of various modules and workshops, tailored to prepare an inmate to successfully reintegrate into society. The organization also provides counselling, mediation and professional services to our clientele.

Our Founder

The Founder and Executive President, Mr. Wayne Chance, founded Vision on Mission in 1995 within the Port-of-Spain prison during his incarceration. Mr. Chance recognized the steadily increasing population of young men within the prison system. Mr. Chance, himself, who was also incarcerated at the tender age of nineteen, hails from the community of Arima, Trinidad, W.I., and from a family of seven as the eldest child.
During his sentence, he drew upon his strong spiritual beliefs, and this, coupled with deep introspection acted as the catalyst for his overall transformation.
This transformation resulted in the emergence of an organization that would assist ex-inmates on their release to re-enter society successfully. It is an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders, deportees, delinquent youths and the socially displaced into society. It is also dedicated to conceptualizing anti-crime strategies and dedicated to re-educating the citizenry.

Prior to the formation of Vision on Mission, there was no organization in Trinidad & Tobago, or the wider Caribbean that performed such services for ex-offenders. It is this clear vision to found such an organization which establishes Mr. Wayne Chance as a pioneer and vanguard in the field of charitable work in Trinidad and Tobago and the region at large.


Mr. Wayne Chance

VISION ON MISSION adheres to the Restorative Justice Philosophy

Restorative Justice is not a specific programme but rather a way of practicing justice that embraces various Restorative Initiatives. A Restorative Justice System sees crime as an abuse of people and relationships. It creates a duty to make things right and involves the victim, offender and community in search of ways to promote healing, understanding and support. Restorative Justice is not a blue-print, programme, or mediation, but is primarily about forgiveness and reconciliation, designed to reduce recidivism, not necessarily a replacement for prison. Restorative Justice seeks to make offenders take responsibility for their actions and to make amends.

Our Time Line

The Opening of VOM’s Rehabilitation and Reintegration Estate at Wallerfield

In February of 2020, the organisation operationalized its first largest, modern reintegration facility for male ex-offenders, deportees, and delinquent youth that provides accommodation, a skills training center on the premises and agriculture training on the property’s 20 acre agricultural land.

Acquisition of 12 Acres of Agricultural Land

Acquisition of 12 acres of agricultural land and the establishment of the first modern reintegration facility in Trinidad and Tobago and the region; establishment of first reintegration facility in Trinidad and Tobago and the region for ex female offenders, female deportees and delinquent young women; buy in from Republic Bank Ltd. to refurbish aforementioned facility in Claxton Bay

VOM was named the 2012 recipient of the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence

Vision on Mission was named the 2012 recipient of the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago for its comprehensive rehabilitation efforts and restorative programs aimed at local inmates. The award was presented on Friday, May 10, 2012 at the T&T NGO Professionals Conference, sponsored by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trusts and convened by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in partnership with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA).

VOM awarded the Citizen’s Award by the Institute of Law and Academic Studies

Vision on Mission awarded the Citizen’s Award by the Institute of Law and Academic Studies; recognition and approval granted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator, Ms. Helen Clark for Vision on Mission’s proposals on rehabilitation; Vision on Mission visited by the US Ambassador, Beatrice Wilkinson Welters, resulting in offer of assistance by the Honorable Ambassador regarding the issue of US deportees to Trinidad & Tobago.

Vision on Mission’s Board was Officially Installed

Vision on Mission’s Board was officially installed at a ceremony presided over by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the President of the Senate, Mr. Timothy Hamel-Smith and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Wade Mark. Vision on Mission awarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” for prisoner rehabilitation by the Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service ; Humming-Bird Silver Medal awarded to Vision on Mission for Community Service; Howard University, Washington D.C, stellar award to Vision on Mission for work in the area of social justice; San Juan Businessmen Association awarded token of recognition for the community work performed by Vision on Mission; Mr. Wayne Chance honoured by i95.5fm as “The Best Radio Presenter of the Year”.

Vision on Mission’s Pre-Release Programme

Vision on Mission’s Pre-Release Programme in the prison receives national attention via the media and the first official graduating class of the new installment of the Pre-Release Programme graduates; JB Fernandes, an international funding agency, breaking with established policy, agrees to annually fund Vision on Mission’s work in the area of public safety.

Official recognition of VOM by the United Nations Development Programme

Official recognition and offer of assistance to Vision on Mission by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); Grant of observer status to Vision on Mission by the United Nations General Assembly Secretariat at the United Nations General Assembly headquarters, New York, USA. Due to the assistance of Mr. George Hislop, a former Magistrate and Mr. Desmond Allum S.C. a fifty-two (52) acre parcel of land was purchased for the establishment of a rehabilitation and reintegration facility at Wallerfield, Trinidad, W.I.

The Youth Arise Programme is Established

The Youth Arise Programme is established and executed under the auspices of Vision on Mission in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, who agreed to fund the programme to the tune of one million TT dollars ($1M TTD).

Task-force Developing the National Youth Policy

Mr. Wayne Chance appointed by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs to a task-force developing the National Youth Policy; Mr. Wayne Chance debuts as radio talk-show host on power 102fm thereby enabling him to reach a wider audience with the message of Vision on Mission.

Official Recognition of VOM by the MNS

Official recognition of Vision on Mission by the Ministry of National Security as a resettlement agency for ex-inmates; Mr. Wayne Chance appointed to an inter-ministerial committee to look at the problems of crime and deviance in Trinidad & Tobago.

Establish In-Transit Facility at Champs Fleurs

Vision on Mission establishes In-Transit facility at Champs Fleurs, Trinidad, W.I. and receives the first official government subvention from the Ministry of Social Development. This was pioneered and championed by the then Minister, Ms. Christine Kangaloo.

First Major Donation

Mr. Harry Harnarine, President of the then Hindu Credit Union (HCU), agrees to provide support to Vision on Mission in the form of the donation of its flagship office at #5 Railway Road, San Juan and bearing the financial cost for staffing and overhead expenses at said office.

Talk Show Presenter

Wayne Chance’s debut into the media industry as a talk show presenter on national television station (TTT) highlighting matters on crime, imprisonment, recidivism. Mr. Chance’s entry into the industry working for various media houses attracts ardent followers. His contribution in no small way, as a host on several radio programmes (Power 102 FM, i95.5 FM), has seen them receive the best radio station award as well as best radio programme ratings repeatedly. Their achievements are a testament to Mr. Wayne Chance’s hard-hitting down-to-earth, journalistic style.

First appearances on media

Mr. Hansley Ajodha and Mr. Wayne Chance collaborate on a youth programme on state-owned television station giving Mr. Chance his first opportunity to agitate for his ideals through the media.

Incorporated as a NGO

Vision on Mission is legally incorporated as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Embrace of concept of Vision on Mission

Then Attorney General, Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, embraces the concept of Vision on Mission and gives tacit support to the organization, then, in its embryo stage.

Released from Prison

Wayne Chance is released from prison, driven by a passion to assist those who had been similarly incarcerated.

Our Birth

The concept of Vision on Mission is birthed in the depths of the prison system within the heart of Wayne Chance.

Donate To The Reduction In Recidivism And Creating Safer Communities

Each donation goes towards the operations of the varied programmes and services provided to VOM’s clients.