The European Union has partnered with Vision on Mission to expand the NGO's Pre-Release Programme for ex-offenders within Trinidad and Tobago

October 2020

The organisation has initiated another arm of its training programme sponsored by the EU, to include Certified Barbering training for its clients. The programme began this month with the training of 10 clients by a Certified Barbering Instructor at VOM’s Skills Training and Development Centre at Wallerfield.

Week 1 training at the Centre:

July 2019

VOM initiated its agriculture training programme for a few of its clients at the Wallerfield facility.


March 2019

VOM hosted its annual Preparation for Release Programme Launch ceremony where His Excellency, Ambassador Aad Briesebroek of the Delegation attended and spoke of the EU’s involvement in the human rights issues surrounding prisoners, and of his support to VOM through this project.



February 2019

Through the funding and support of the EU, VOM staff has undergone rigorous training in Moral Reconation Therapy and are now certified MRT Facilitators who can aptly aid its clients through this premiere cognitive-behavioural programme that is known to lead to more appropriate behavior and reduced recidivism rates amongst the offender population.   


October 2018

Vision On Mission has embarked on another project since 2018 supported and partly funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Trinidad and Tobago, to expand its Preparation for Release Programme in an effort to serve more of our clients during and after their release from prison, provide our clients with additional opportunities in small business development and training, agriculture and agro processing, skilled employment opportunities, and advance training for the VOM staff in Moral Reconation Therapy.