VOM and the Ministry of National Security

Hundreds of ex-prisoners exit the prison system every year after they have completed their sentences. Statistics have proven that without any rehabilitative intervention the risk of these ex-inmates recidivising would increase. Vision On Mission has an extensive relationship with the TT Prison Pre-Release Program which allows the organization to conduct and intensive In-Prison Pre-Release Programme for over (300) inmates who are expected to be released within (2) years. The idea is to start the rehabilitation process for ex-inmates while they are still incarcerated thereby minimizing the risk of recidivism.

Ministry of National Security through the TT Prison Service has adopted the Restorative Justice Philosophy approach throughout the penal system. That approach speaks to the issue of punishment for those who have been convicted of crimes, with consideration for rehabilitation and for compensation for the victims involved. VOM also adheres to the entire philosophy in treating with our clients.

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